The Distance Traveled

Action is the foundational key to all success. -Pablo Picasso

The greater the distance, the greater the payoff once traveled, right? For most of us, this is true. For some, it is only a passing glance to where they really want to be.

travel the distance

As I think back to some of the road trips I’ve taken that could be considered longer treks than the usual, one sticks out in my mind as unique, the time I drove from Minnesota back to Montana with my mom.

Now keep in mind, living in Montana affords me the blessing to be able to drive long distances just about to get anywhere. If I want to visit a friend or family member in some of the nearby metropolitan areas it is usually a 3-4 hour drive one way. So some people, like truckers, might think a 15 hour drive from Minnesota to Montana is nothing, but to me, at the time, it seemed like a chore.

Thankfully by being in the moment and just driving, we were able to do it in one day and as I look back I think how easy it actually was. Tell that to my friend who drove all over the country a few summers ago with his family and easily put 6,000+ miles on their vehicle.

Driving isn’t the only kind of analogy that includes a set distance and a payoff at the end, the destination. Things like goals, objectives, and hopes are similar. We have to travel that distance first, to get to where we really want, or need to be.

What are the distances that you need to travel… in life, in business?

(photo credit: Trey Ratcliff)

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