Lead Generation Information: 5 Compelling Infographics

The opportunity to improve your business sales over time by focusing on effective lead generation, while so important, can sometimes feel abstract. There isn’t any magic wand involved in qualifying your leads that are generated through your marketing activities, but sometimes understanding the nuts and bolts can make the difference. How about simplifying it some?

Here are some facts, information, ideas, and good information on the evolution of lead generation, and how to be more effective:

Brand Storytelling – The place to start

brand storytelling infographic

via Fathom Business Events

10 Key Landing Page Features

landing page infographic

via Formstack

Lead Nurturing Guide

lead nurturing infographic

via Evidence Based Marketing

Why Companies Should Use Content Marketing

content marketing infographic

via Marketo Modern B2B Blogs

Evolution of Social CRM

social crm infographic

via Get Satisfaction

Marketing Takeaway

Taking the time to understand what your prospects need through buyer personas, creating and promoting compelling offers, put in a solid lead nurturing process, and work with sales to qualify leads and consultatively sell is a win win.

Although you will never close every deal, becoming more effective, and matching up with the right prospects while lowering cost per lead is a revenue driver for your company to help spur business growth while your content marketing in lead generation efforts assist your company in being positioned as a thought leader in your industry!

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