Inbound Marketing Transforms How to Market Your Professional Business

internet marketing professional business

Professional business marketing is shifting to an inbound strategy; the foundation of which is using the Internet to draw potential customers to your business.

Becoming increasingly obsolete is outbound marketing, where marketing methods were focused on reaching out to customers through traditional forms of media; i.e., print ads, television, telemarketing, etc.

Today’s customers actively work to block marketing messages through the use of methods like caller id, spam filters, and the recycling bin for junk mail; so often your message is lost before the customer gets a chance to see it.

Using the Internet, an inbound marketing professional business strategy makes it possible to position your business in such a way that customers find you instead of you trying to find them. Today, approximately 85% of all business transactions start online, with the customer already actively engaged in looking for an answer to a specific question.

A successful inbound marketing professional business strategy can capture the customer at a point where they are already ready to make the purchase by following these ‘starter’ steps:

  • Spend the money to have a website designed that is original, easy to navigate and lands on the first page of all the big search engines for your key terms, and if possible at the top of the page. A website that doesn’t land on the first page of a search engine is very unlikely to be seen by anyone.
  • Place links to landing pages where your potential customers are likely to search. If you are an IT company, for instance, craft your landing page to not only be compelling but is promoted around the Internet using inbound techniques.

Consider this typical scenario: a potential customer is researching the Internet to answer a business related question. He types in a query, lands on the desired page- hopefully yours! Or they land on their desired page, but realize they need further related services. There is your link, in the perfect strategic location. They click on it, learn about your product or service, realize you are a good fit, and proceed to make the purchase, or better; realize that your company will provide everything they are looking for, and buy a complete package from you.

This is the power of a great inbound marketing strategy; using your customer’s natural curiosity and needs to drive your sales by simply using the Internet to allow your customers to find you!

Today, the inbound marketing professional business strategy is the cornerstone of a successful marketing plan due to its sheer efficiency in both time and cost. Your business eliminates or greatly reduces expenses for physical products like print ads, commercials, mailings, etc.

You are guaranteed that your message has reached your target audience; and lastly, you have greatly expanded the scope of your audience, thanks to the unlimited reach of the Internet.

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