Inbound Marketing Marketing Ideas: How to Increase Sales Over Holiday

inbound marketing holiday business sales marketing officeWhen the holidays roll around, most professional business owners know that business is going to slow down. However, that doesn’t have to be the case, and the holidays can be the perfect time to start turning prospects into customers. In this article we look at how you can use inbound marketing for your holiday business marketing efforts, to increase sales now, and in future.

Create a Holiday Discount

One great way to leverage your inbound marketing plan for holiday business marketing is to create a seasonal holiday discount or special offer. If you already have an email marketing list thanks to your inbound marketing activities, you can send that offer out to your list. If you don’t, you can integrate the offer in your other marketing activities.

Create a Free Gift

The holidays are the time for giving, right? So why not incorporate that in your inbound marketing plan, and your holiday business marketing plan.

Create a free report, ebook or trial offer that you incorporate into your marketing. It’ll ensure that you’re growing your list over the holidays, and it’ll keep your existing clients and prospects happy. There’s nothing people like more than a gift, so give your clients one – you’ll be very glad you did!

Let People Know You’re Working

One of the reasons business tends to slow down over the holidays is that most people just assume that you won’t be working. If you aren’t, that’s fine, but if you are, you could find that being available when your competitors aren’t is a great way to gain new customers!

Use your existing inbound marketing channels to create awareness that you’ll be available over the holidays, and you might be surprised at how many people get hold of you!


Even if you’re not working over the holidays, that doesn’t mean that your inbound marketing plan has to stop working, just because you do.

If you don’t already have one working for you, now is the time to get an autoresponder, and write a series of holiday messages for the people who do respond to your inbound marketing strategies. That way, even if you’re not working, your holiday business marketing will be – working hard to build relationships with prospects!

Never Too Late

Even if you’ve never considered inbound marketing as a viable strategy, you should remember that it’s never too late to start. You still have time to incorporate inbound marketing into your holiday business marketing plan, and to make sure that even while you’re taking time off, your marketing network is working for you.

Start today, and you should find that while you’re enjoying some time off, your inbound marketing plan is hard at work, capturing leads and prospects, and that when you get back, you have a long list of people who are just waiting to buy from you.

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