Great Winds of Change Bring Opportunity

If you haven’t already seen the post announcing the change at Keenpath, go check it out and then come back here: Keenpath founder to join FullQuota

It is fun and inspiring to do what you love. Better yet to find what you love and then keep doing that. I have been blessed over the years to have a pretty broad exposure to many areas of business, the good and bad, high and low. My expectations and goals when I set out to be an entrepreneur were pretty high, but I didn’t realize beforehand the great positive impact it would have on me.

It is so true when people say, you can read things in theory, but putting it into practice is what really counts. Book smarts vs. street smarts. Doing vs. not-doing. Action vs. inaction.

Building Keenpath as an inbound marketing agency has been fun. The clients, relationships and networking opportunities I will carry with me forever. Time now to embrace the opportunity and change by joining the great team of seasoned entrepreneurs and business people at FullQuota. Excited to learn from this team, as I do what I can to bring to the table my experience. I am looking forward to collaborating to make big things happen.

My business and entrepreneurial mindset will be with me forever.

The most important lesson I have learned in business? People do business with people.


  1. Are you still keeping Keenpath?

    • Great to hear from you Tim!

      No, we are in the process of transitioning client accounts to partners, and will continue servicing some existing clients until the end of this year.


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