Enterprise Inbound Marketing: Your Ideal Clients – Are You Sure?

enterprise inbound marketing relationshipsWith enterprise inbound marketing the importance to truly understand who your clients are, what words they use when they speak about their needs and interests and to understand how not to irritate or annoy them in the communication process.

Because enterprise inbound marketing is dependent on high-quality verbal, visual or text communications, this is essential in today’s market.

The concept of blogging to interest potential clients has everything to do with touching a person at a deep personal level. Before when sales representatives received training– trainers would say “relationships, relationships, relationships.”

This is still true, yet today we have vastly differing tastes, cultures and markets online.  It’s even more important to understand connection to interests, needs and emotional responses.

When people are online searching for something important to them, how do you discover what word combinations will pull them into your site? How do you keep them coming back? Human nature tells us it matters not what country they come from, or what language they speak as long as an emotional connection can be made you can have a chance at establishing loyalty and camaraderie with that person.

This is the reason social networking has become such a phenomenon. This is the secret to finding and keeping the connections with clients and potential repeat buyers. One way to verify this is simply watching the political campaigns in any country. Emotional and physical need is the product. Change for the better is the driver. The candidate who impresses the masses most wins. He who’s got loyalty of the crowds gets money in their pockets.

Building The Connections

With enterprise inbound marketing the world is looking for you. You as the provider of the emotional or physical need have the job of discovering what will hold and return that seeker to your site to get that need met. Really smart company managers put teams of competent communicators onto LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook and other social connection sites to connect with clients around the need for what you offer. You know – making friends, personal connections. Finding sweet-spots and working with those needs/wants for potential buyers.

If sales teams online working social networking sites actually have authorization to offer deals and negotiate prices while in the field having conversations in this way through personal contact online sales for that team will soar. Not only that, but those workers will discover the tone, site and place where those clients and customers are talking about their need. This gives them words and sentence combinations the client is already using.

Content, connection, meeting emotional and physical need. This is the only way it has ever been done successfully when supporting integrity for the customer.

How close are you to clients today? How well does your company track repeat buyers and how well do you survey or do outreach to identify what keeps the repeat customers coming back? This is the answer to the dilemma. Loyalty through friendship. You know – relationships, relationships, relationships.

(photo credit: Gary Cope)

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