4 Ways to Sell Inbound Marketing to Your CEO

inbound marketing roiIt can be frustrating when you’re trying to pitch the idea of using an inbound marketing agency, or developing your own online inbound marketing campaign, and your CEO just doesn’t consider it important. Here are four important reasons you can use to justify consulting an inbound marketing agency:

1. Your Customers Come to You

Inbound marketing strategies are all about funneling your customers to your website, and into your front door. It’s about allowing people who are looking for your products and services to find you, and making it easy for them to make a buying decision.

2. There’s No Better Way to Target Your Message

The Internet, and inbound marketing strategies that work online, are the single best way to reach your exact target demographic. You can narrow your scope by geographical location, interests, and other factors, depending which platform you use, and by using long tail keywords, and other strategies, you can make sure that the customers you want are the ones visiting your website.

3. Inbound Marketing Is Scalable

One of the best things about inbound marketing is that it is completely scalable. While your company is small, you can start small, but as you grow, your marketing strategies can grow with you. Content marketing, for instance, allows you to post content online, which stays there as long as you want it there, and you can add to it all the time, creating a marketing ‘network’ that will never disappear!

4. Lead for Lead, There’s No System More Cost Effective

When you compare the reach, and ROI of inbound marketing to any other traditional form of marketing, there’s simply no other marketing technique that offers a better return, for the same investment. There are strategies to suit every budget, and you can start with very little, and still see phenomenal results.

Inbound marketing agencies are adept at creating tailored, targeted online marketing campaigns for businesses of all sizes, which have budgets of all sizes. If you’ve used these arguments already, and your CEO is still unconvinced, then it might be time to contact an inbound marketing agency, and ask for some more specific information.

Ask them to tailor a package for your company that meets your budget, and your specific marketing goals, as well as some more information about what kind of results you can expect.

Faced with the facts and figures to support an online, inbound marketing campaign, it will be very hard to ignore the potential that this type of marketing offers your company. Whatever you do though, don’t give up on inbound marketing – it really is the way of the future!

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