3 Marketing Infographics To Help You Lead in 2012

It is the time when you are looking forward to 2012 and beyond. Now is the time to take all of the good and bad from 2011 and turn it around with a positive spin in 2012. Rather than giving you a laundry list of marketing to-do’s, I thought the below three hand picked infographics will give you the most bang for your buck when you are thinking about what to do in 2012 marketing planning.

Three key takeaways from these infographics covering marketing automation, inbound marketing, and word of mouth marketing:

  1. Use marketing automation to improve your prospect’s experience and increase conversions
  2. The days of annoying marketing and advertising tactics are certainly numbered, and inbound marketing is more than just a cool ‘new kid on the block’.
  3. People rely on each other for recommendations on purchasing decisions whether passive or outright. Earn credibility.

Enjoy the following infographics:

1. Understanding Marketing Automation


via HubSpot

2. Inbound Marketing Now and In The Future


via Voltier Digital

3.  Word Of Mouth Is Influential In Purchasing Decisions




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