How to Find and Leverage Local Resources to Help Build Your Business Idea

Don’t do things alone. Your idea is yours, and you can make it happen, but leverage those around you to help.


When you have a business idea or need advice for your existing business who do you go to? Often times first time entrepreneurs are going to hit the Internet as a first resource, but are you also leveraging your local resources?

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Exploring to Find Great Results

explore-ice-fishing-drillThere is something about standing on a frozen body of water that both humbles you and gives a form of adrenaline rush at the same time.

As I was ice fishing with friends recently I relate it to how in life and business we can sometimes be on seemingly stable, but potentially unpredictable platforms.

To get the needed results, in this case a fish, you have to drill holes in the stable, hardened surface.

To reach potential and probable gains in life we must be willing to “drill holes” and explore.

If you are launching a new product, copying your competitors is a bad idea. Focus on where you add the most value – the value proposition. With a focus on the value you are delivering you will be also focusing on the best delivery of the product.

Don’t be afraid to carve out a few extra holes to find those lurkers that you might not have found otherwise.

Question: What is your experience with carving out “holes” in unchartered territories?

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Here’s To A Great New Year

new-yearNow is a good time to look at 2013 and plan for 2014. Goals, objectives, plans, and roadmaps. Where are you headed?

One thing that I did a couple of years ago that I am thinking about repeating this year is selecting the top five people that made some kind of notable impact on me in the year and sending them a thank you card. I got some pretty interesting responses, and thank yous in return.

While businesses are mapping out the new year objectives, individuals are hoping for the future and putting their own New Years resolutions into place. Whether or not you believe in starting off the new year with resolutions, or just doing it as needed throughout the year, now is indeed a good time to reflect and prepare.

Either way – best to you and yours in the new year, 2014 and make sure to enjoy life!

To much success and happiness in the new year!

Question: What are you most looking forward to conquering in the new year?

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Keystone Content: Which of your content is driving traffic?

When creating and publishing content for your audience, you put in the effort, come up with a topic of interest – typically helping solve a real need, or answering a question. So, to that end what content is driving the bulk of your website traffic?


I’ve often found, when digging into marketing analytics, there are certain trends around your content marketing efforts to be watchful for. One of these is keystone content.

Keystone content typically drives a high percentage of your website traffic over a given period of time, say 6 months to 1 year. You will often see it perform well in organic search, as well as referring, and social media traffic. When the average blog post might be driving 2% of traffic in a period of time, this one might be driving upwards of 25% of your overall traffic.

What is the importance? You can’t always predict, what is going to fully resonate with your audience. However, by analyzing content trends in marketing analytics you can usually find the content that resonates the best with your audience. Then, you can decide from there what to do.

Question: What content themes have you found to resonate with your audience?

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Force Yourself to Move Faster To Increase Productivity

No one on the history of earth has ever waited until 11:00 pm on a Sunday evening to start a ten page term paper, right? Or how about in business, no one has ever made excuses that they were waiting on ‘this one crucial detail’ from someone to complete a project, only finding they are overdue.

move fast

By taking a step back and evaluating, you might find that moving faster may increase your productivity.

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10 Seconds To Help An Awesome Person Get $4,000 For A Community Garden

We all know the person that is selfless, and gives their all, with little expected in return. One of these, that I know is Amy Grisak. She is a professional gardener. Trust me, she has the greenest thumb I know. She also really helps out the community she lives in, that is what this post is about.

Take 10 seconds and vote for the River City Harvest

Take 10 seconds and vote for the River City Harvest – They deserve it and only have until August 6th.

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3 Ways to Increase Meeting Performance

If there is one thing in business that many are reluctant to do, it is to attend a meeting. Who could blame them? Most meetings are unproductive and don’t accomplish the task at hand. There must be a better way, right?

effective meetings

I have sat in, and ran my fair share of meetings. I don’t proclaim to be the master meeting guy, but I do have some observations that pull from years of attending and participating in meetings, whether professionally in business – corporate, small business, and startup; civic, and non-profit.

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My Experience Using a Standing Desk After 30 Days

A month ago I converted from a sitting desk to a standing desk. Since making the change, I’ve learned the good and the bad, and like most that have switched to a standing desk, have come across a few small surprises along the way.

freedom from a sitting desk

Our bodies weren’t really designed to sit as much as we do. I think what really even got me interested in the ‘standing desk trend’ was an infographic, Sitting is Killing You (link to original location, but image was reported broken there, so click here for a direct copy of the infographic image). It has stats in it like: the average person sits over 9.3 hours a day, and what sitting for long periods actually does to your body. The New York Times had a write up on sitting and health as well.

How is that for an attention getter?

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